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This is our fearless leader. Except when we're camping and a mangy insect infiltrates the tent, then, actually, Jakob is the fearless leader. Jamie's whole mantra is about balance -- the yin and yang, the order and chaos. She's a West Coast, beach bum, still lost in the South, married to a polish Wisconsin kid, working as an industrial engineer at Duke University by day, and slangin' chocolate by night. If you've ever had the privilege to meet her, you know the positive energy she radiates. One-of-a-kind. 

Owner, OG Chef, Director of Creativity



When something needs to be done and it doesn't involve fun or creative efforts, Jakob is told by Jamie that he must do it "or else". We don't know what "or else" means yet, but nobody here at Much Love Chocolate is waiting around to find out. Jakob loves entrepreneurship, health, people, working, AND chocolate -- a prime fit.

CEO, Director of Boring & Difficult Tasks


Nantell profile photo.jpg

Ben is here to make sure that the chocolate tastes good. Sweet job, bro.

But in all seriousness, before you get the wrong impression, Ben actually doesn't do anything to help the team. If we reach a bit, we could say he's a consistent reminder of how much harder we each need to work in order to make up for his appetite. 

CFO, Director of Consumption



Abbey approached us at a market in Chapel Hill, offered her help, and has since brought all sorts of ideas and resources to the table. She is truly passionate about Cacao. She has even worked on a cacao farm! Abbey will be helping with all sorts of business development, marketing, and supply chain tasks.

Creative Sister



James was born to be a creative chocolapreneur. Just kidding, he's studying to become a doctor, but until he becomes one, we let him loose in the office, tasked with helping Jamie create new flavors and helping Jakob design better systems. He sometimes confuses who his boss is and we frequently find him 'helping' Ben in the Consumption Department.

Creative Brother


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